Our Process for building your site

Our process is outlined below. It's simple and we keep a firm focus on achieving your goals.

Once you've decided you want to work with us, fill out the website enquiry form and we'll see if we 're a good fit.

(If you're looking to save money and build your own site go here)

  • Discussion and proposal

    We can't know too much about your project/business so we'll arrange a get together (in person or phone/Skype) to dig deep and find out everything we need to provide a proposal.

    The proposal will include costs, timeframes and strategies aimed at achieving your goals.

  • Content & Planning

    Based on the proposal we'll come up with a site plan, which is basically a list of pages that you will have on your site. We can then turn this into a layout so that we can add the words and pictures.

    Please note that we will not normally start work on building the site until the content is written and pictures are ready. We can help with content and sourcing images.

  • Design

    Time to get out the paintbox and choose what the site will look like. This can be a pre-designed theme that we match to your brand or we can fully customise the design to your needs.

  • Build the site

    Once we have the content, know the design then we will get stuck into the nitty gritty of actually building the site

  • Approval, testing & launch

    Once you have approved the site then we'll check everything is working properly and finally publish your new site for the world to see

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