How to get and pay for your new website

From sign-up to site launch the process is simple and straightforward.

I’ll even help craft your content to get the results you need.

Flexible payment plans mean you can afford to get the website you need

How I’ll work with you

If you’re a good fit for the way I work, then we can look forward to a happy and prosperous relationship.

  • I don’t chase perfectionsim–things can be improved over time
  • Less is more. Keeping things simple means more profit, more free time and less hassle
  • Spending on your website and digital marketing should provide you a postitive return on investment

The Process

1Preparation & Discovery

Once we’ve decided to work together I’ll take you through a discovery process to uncover in detail what we need to build a winning website.

Depending on complexity it may be as simple as a form or two or it may involve some more in depth interviews.


I’ll use your information to build a winning strategy, create or gather the content needed and magic up your shiny new website.

Depending on the size of your project, this process should take anything from a fortnight to several weeks.

3Approval & Feedback

You’ll get to provide feedback and we can make any changes that may be necessary before publishing

4Launch, monitor & evaluate

Once you are happy I’ll publish the site and set the strategy in motion.

Then we’ll keep monitoring things to make sure it all stays working well for you

How much does it cost?

You’ll hate the answer – but it depends. We’ll only know once we’ve had a decent chat. I’ve listed some guide prices below.

As a rule there will be a setup fee to cover some intital costs and then an ongoing monthly/annual fee to cover site care, support and hosting. I am also happy to include the setup fee into a bigger monthly fee so you can spread the cost.

Consultations & site reviews

If you just want to pick my brain then feel free but I might well suggest a paid consultation or website audit. Consulting comes in at £50 per hour (min 1 hr) and site audits start at £99.

Standard “brochure” sites

For a typical, simple brochure site with a few pages and a blog the setup fee could be anything between £500 & £2000. Ongoing monthly fees will be from £30. It all depends on how much you need me to do and how much you can do yourself – as well as whether you need additional support with SEO and digital marketing and so on. Things like forms and appointment booking can affect the price too.

Wrapped up into a monthly package this could cost from approx £80 per month.

Ecommerce & Membership sites

More complex site setups start from about £2000 with monthly fees from £60

Find out more – you’ve got nothing to lose – let’s have a chat about prices