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This privacy notice is here to reassure you that at Very Simple Sites your privacy is respected and that we adhere, as best possible to legal requirements with regards to the use of your personal data.

Very Simple Sites is owned by Chris McMahon who is also the person you should contact if you have any questions relating to data privacy –

The physical location of Very Simple Sites is in Cambridge, UK.

Your data

When you use this website we may collect data such as your name, email address and phone number. Of course, when you fill out an enquiry form you may provide more personal information, but that is your choice to do so.

Enquiries made through this site
Unless you consent otherwise, our use of your data will be limited to what we need in order to process any enquiry you make through this site. If you do not become a client of Very Simple Sites, or indicate you are happy for us to keep your data for marketing purposes, then your data will be deleted within 90 days of your initial enquiry.

Your data may be stored in computer systems that use modern security methods to protect against unauthorised access and be processed in third party applications such as G-Suite (Gmail), Mailerlite and our payment processors (see below). These 3rd parties are either within the EU or comply with the security requirements expected of organisations outside of the EU.

Clients of Very Simple Sites
If you are a client of Very Simple Sites then clearly we need to keep some of your data in order to provide you with our service.

If we manage and host your website as part of our service to you then we use EU based servers and any backups of your site’s data are stored securely within the EU. You can read our hosting provider’s Privacy Policy here.

If you make any payments on this site we do not store your payment information. All payment processing is done by our providers Stripe and GoCardless.

Sharing your data
We will never share or sell your data to another organisation. The only exception to this would be when we are legally obliged to do so, for example, in the case of Court Proceedings or similar.

Your access to and control of your data
You have the right to request access to your data and the right to ask us to delete any data we have of yours, Please contact Sometimes it is necessary for us to keep your data for legal compliance purposes.

Cookies and technical data

We use cookies on this site which are small files that get stored in your browser when you visit the site. Cookies enable us to provide the web browsing experience you expect from a modern website and help us to improve our service.

Cookies are generally used to store user preferences (for example the cookie consent banner sets a cookie so your browser knows whether you clicked it or not) or for us to be able to anonymously track your visits and usage of the site (such as via Google analytics).

You will have noticed the live chat application on the site, Drift. If you use the chat, then cookies are used to identify you.

Some other third party applications may set cookies too – YouTube videos and social sharing buttons may set cookies on your usage of this site.

You can disable cookies in your browser settings but if you do that you may find your experience of using this site and others is affected. You can see more about cookies, including how to disable them, here: 

Online Advertising
We may from time to time use Facebook advertising and so we have placed a Facebook pixel on this site. The Facebook pixel enables us to advertise on Facebook to reach people based on their usage of this website. We do this because we believe it will enable us to better reach interested visitors with relevant information and we believe in the responsible use of digital marketing. (see below for some relevant links)

Marketing Communications
If you give us your consent we may send you marketing emails and to do this we will use Mailerlite to process and store your data.

Help and more info

You can read more about Facebook privacy here:

You can control adverts you see on Facebook here:

You opt out of Google Analytics here: and read more about their policy here: (Please note that your personal data is not recorded by Very Simple Sites when using Google Analytics, as your IP address is anonymised.)

Learn more about online advertising here:

For more general information about your privacy rights:

See also which is the UK independent authority dealing with privacy and data protection.

Last updated June 2018