A simple process for getting your new website

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    Tell us all about yourself

    Supply details about your business and submit your content. 

    We'll guide you through the process and point you to some resources to help you create good content and images (get in touch if you want help with copywriting or photography)

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    Make some design choices

    Choose a design style from a set of options we provide and we'll add your choice of colours and your logo if you have one. 

    We can usually accommodate any existing brand guidelines you have but there may be extra costs if we need to depart far from our normal processes. We'll talk to you about this if necessary.

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    We get to work on your site

    Once you've submitted all your content the site will normally be ready within 5 working days. If for some reason we can't do that we'll let you know.

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    You review our work

    Check what we've done, request any amendments and approve the site for publication. You get ONE set of revisions and after that we may charge for additional changes.

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    Go live

    We'll run through our going live checklist and hit publish - Yipee! (...but the work is only just beginning)

"Chris is very personable and I have found it most refreshing working with him because he speaks my "lay" language, and not some computer jargon unlike many computer experts I have encountered in the past."
Sophie Messager, Doula, Healer, Bodyworker, Antenatal and Babywearing Instructor.

"Working with Chris at Very Simple Sites has been a simply great decision for our school. From the initial meeting to discuss requirements, through to the finished user-friendly and easily maintainable site, Very Simple Sites have delivered an excellent service, and continue to add value as the site develops to match our changing needs"
Julia Watkinson, School Business Manager, Girton Glebe Primary School

Your questions answered

How long will it take to build my site?

Once we have everything we need from you we aim to have your site built within 5 working days. If for some reason it will take longer, we'll let you know.

I already have a site. Can you take that over?

Maybe. Get it touch so we can have a look at your site and let you know the options. 

Can you just take the text and images from my existing site?

Probably. We'll let you know once we have looked at your site and your needs.

Where will my site be hosted

We use high quality UK based hosting so your site will be fast, secure and stable. All the 'techy' stuff is safely taken care of so you never need to worry about it.

What about domains?

Initially we'll set up on a temporary domain but when it is ready to go live you will need to have a domain name. If you don’t have one already then our recommendation is to buy one from Namecheap. We'll provide instructions so you can easily connect your domain, or we'll happily do it for you for free.

Can you provide me with an email address?

We can help you with domain based email addresses which you can connect to your Gmail, Outlook or other account but we do not store your email. We can talk to you about various email setups.

For a more robust email setup (and lots of other benefits) we would recommend signing up for a G-Suite account, or using another similar email provider that specialises in email handling.

If you currently use a free email address from, for example, Gmail. Hotmail or Yahoo then you can continue to use that and have your domain email forwarded there.

Will my site work on a mobile phone?

Yes. We will make sure your site is fully mobile responsive - as all sites need to be nowadays. This is also something that Google now sees as a priority when it decides which websites to rank - so we need to get it right!

Can I update the designs after going live.

It’s your site and you will have access and instructions to edit it as you please and that includes updating the design. (Though, do remember to keep things simple!) However you will probably find it easier to ask us to make design changes. If you want us to do any additional work on the site after publication, or an update to the design we'll only charge for this if it goes outside your monthly package.

Will my site appear in Google?

Yes. We'll deal with basic on site SEO (search engine optimisation)when we build the site and provide ongoing guidance.

You will need good content but with a little work and time it’s perfectly possible to rank well in Google for your chosen search terms (though never guaranteed!)

What help and support do you provide?

In addition to your monthly free support, there are tutorials and instructions in your site dashboard and we make sure that you are able to access good information about all aspects of website building and online marketing.

Where you need to contact us with a question or problem we deal with support questions by email and will usually answer within a couple of hours (or in the morning if you contact us at night)

Can I cancel at anytime

Yes, we want happy clients, not prisoners. You can leave at any time.

While you remain a client we cover the licence fees for plugins and themes used on your site. Although you can take the plugins and themes with you and your site will continue to work, you may find that you need to buy some licences for your site in the future when the plugins need updating.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Nothing concrete but if you are unhappy with our service talk to us and we can put things right or come to a mutually satisfactory agreement.