Simple, effective websites for UK micro-businesses

Let us quickly build you a simple, fast and effective website. After that we'll support you with SEO and marketing.
DIY what you can, or pay us to help.

We'll even write your content for you!

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So, what do you get?

A website designed for you to attract more clients with

  • your content written and added by us so you don't need to*
  • the flexibility to easily add/edit as much content as you need as your business changes and grows (including blogging)**
  • our support so you are never left alone and confused
  • video tutorials so you need to ask for help less often
  • more clients from a higher Google ranking because we include SEO tools and guidance
  • more leads via digital marketing as you can add email opt-ins, online bookings and newsletters.

Get started

Start with a free, no-obligation chat.
If you go ahead there is set-up fee (starts at £390**) plus £29 per month.

* You can, of course, write your own content or we can use existing website copy. In any case it will probably be a combination of your supplied content and content we write. If you don't like what we write you can easily change it (but at least it gives you a better template to edit than Lorem Ipsum!) Happy to chat about this if you want.

** The initial setup fee includes our adding up your content into one of our starter WordPress sites that we customise for you. You can add more content yourself or pay us to do so. We have no set limits but this is subject to a fair use policy and usage above the norm for our clients will incur additional costs. Get in touch to get a more accurate quote.

DIY website platforms make getting a website easy; BUT that doesn't mean you magically know what you're doing when it comes to web design or marketing. It also often means your UK business has it's website hosted half-way around the world, which just seems daft.

With us you'll be on green UK hosting and we'll work with you to maximise the leads, enquiries and bookings you get from your site.

We'll save you hassle by building the site for you – we'll even help write your content – but after that you can DIY what you can and turn to us for support and clarification when you need it. We'll also be available to give you regular feedback to keep your site up to scratch.

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How does it work?

  1. Tell us a little about your needs and book your free website chat so we can get to know each other a little.
  2. If you decide to go ahead, we'll get you signed up
  3. We'll collect the content and build your site (normally in a day or three)
  4. You approve the site
  5. The site is launched
  6. We support you with your SEO and digital marketing and provide regular site feedback to get you to your goals

Get started

Start now by telling us about your business

Features in detail

Site features

  • As many pages as you need
  • A blog
  • Contact form
  • Payment buttons
  • Appointment booking
  • SEO tools
  • Easy content management
  • Drag and drop page builder

The Platform

  • Hosted on our eco-friendly network
  • SSL (your site will be https:// and have a green padlock)
  • Fast, secure & reliable - all the 'tech' taken care of for you
  • Easy upgrade to a more powerful platform when the need arises


  • We'll use a starter site which we can customise as needed
  • Or if necessary start a new design from scratch
  • All designs are mobile responsive and built with sustainability and accessibility in mind

Support & Education

  • Initial phone consultation just to check your right for this platform
  • Video Tutorials
  • Support and guidance to make sure your site is 'right'
  • Regular site audits - we'll run a critical eye over your site and make suggestions (if needed) about how you could improve things.

DIY & optional paid help

  • You can keep ongoing costs down by doing everything yourself or you can pay us to do work for you.
  • Even if you DIY only we'll still provide critical feedback so you can make it even better

Launch & ongoing feedback

  • Before you launch let us check your site to ensure it's ready for primetime
  • We'll keep an eye on your site for you to check it's working for you as best it can

Get started

Set-up fee from £390 plus £29 per month.

Got any questions - feel free to ask