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Websites for small business owners who want more of the right clients

You’re passionate about your business improving peoples lives. A better website will help you do just that.

Get a new website up and running in no time with our simple ‘done-with-you’ process.

When it comes to your website, do you really know what you’re doing?

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It’s so easy and cheap to DIY your own website, it seems like a no brainer for small businesses. But it takes valuable time, is trickier than it first seems and you can’t be sure the results are as good as they could be.

Simply put you don’t know, what you don’t know. And that could cost you clients and lost income -not good.

We’ll dig deep to find out exactly what you want to achieve and work with you to create a website to get you there.

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Getting you the right website for your clients

Very Simple Sites has been helping clients with effective websites since 2010

Aimee Hamblyn, happy client of Very Simple Sites

“Chris at Very Simple Sites has helped me not feel 'afraid' of my website. He is friendly, and understands the needs of a small business."
Aimee, Doula & meditation teacher

Nice things people say 

Over the years we've helped dozens of businesses and organisations with their WordPress websites - here's what some of them say about us

    "Chris helped us transform Birthrights’ website, which was in huge need of an update and refresh. Chris was expert, efficient, clear and very patient with our many questions. Perfect for a small charity and highly recommended!"

    "Chris at Very Simple Sites is brilliant at explaining technical things in a way you understand. The changes he advised led to an immediate rise in enquiries and business – it was spectacular. I thought I could learn if I Googled things, but I wish I had spoken to Chris sooner and made the changes earlier. Highly recommended."

    "Chris has freed me of my website-maintenance anxiety and helped me to stop wasting my precious time on trying to solve technical issues myself. Just what I needed!"

    "His responses to my panic calls are above and beyond.He is the ONLY computer expert that has ever been able to talk me back from being utterly lost in the wilderness of technology!"

    "Within a month my website looked so much better and already people were better able to find me. Chris understood what I needed and very patiently worked with me the whole time, alleviating any fears and smoothing any bumps in my journey."

    "From the initial meeting to discuss requirements, through to the finished user-friendly and easily maintainable site, Very Simple Sites have delivered an excellent service, and continue to add value as the site develops to match our changing needs”.

You deserve a website that helps you prosper

Talk about getting one

Imagine having a website you could really feel confident about. One that you could trust to attract the right clients, makes you look good in your community and that doesn't sap valuable time and energy.

Your passion to help people and need to earn a reliable income means you need an effective online presence. A vital part of that is having a professional website. However, although modern tools make that easy, getting a truly effective website on your own is much harder than all the adverts would have you believe. Struggling with website builders eats into your valuable time and the end result is often disappointing.

Solo business owners like you deserve a great website that gets you clients and empowers you to ‘do your thing’.  

We’ve seen the struggles you have when it comes to websites and understand the support you need to get a well written and attractive site up and running.

Our service is designed to be clear and simple. We’ll hold your hand through all the steps to launching your new site and then be on hand to make sure things continue working well.

A risk free process

Setup fees vary plus a monthly fee for hosting and site care.
It's really easy to get started - pay a risk free 25% deposit. If you're unhappy, we'll give it back.

Listen & discover

Once you sign up and pay your deposit, you’ll get access to a questionnaire so we can get the information we need to build your site. We might also ask to have a chat.

Build & review

We’ll sort out all the content, design and build a ‘first draft’ of your website and work with you to perfect it. You can edit the content as much as you need. Pay the first balance  at this stage.

Launch & flourish

Once everyone’s happy and the final balance is paid we’ll launch the site. After that we’ll keep working with you to monitor results and improve as needed. Hosting, email, security all included.

Here's what you get...

...a professional site, optimised for Google, that will make you look great...

  • All your content written for you – optimised to generate enquiries. Edit as needed. If you already have good content, great, we’ll talk to you about that
  • A design customised to your preferences and branding and all content added for you. Easily edit and add more pages as needed*
  • Stock photos. It’s even better if you have your own professional shots
  • Blog feature – optional. Add your own blog posts*
  • Contact form. Add booking and payment links and more features as needed*
  • Analytics so you can monitor your site’s performance
  • Hosting & email
  • Site care – All the ‘techy’ stuff taken care of – security monitoring, backups, software updates
  • Support time – use any way you want. For consulting, content edits, additional functionality. 
  • Access to additional support and development time @£25 per 30 mins (or agreed fee for ‘bigger stuff’)

Doula or birthworker?

See our doula package
*These items can be done by you - it’s easy and we’ll provide instructions  - or you can ask us to edit and add stuff.
PRICE:  Variable but starting from around £750 including refundable 25% deposit plus monthly hosting and maintenance fee. Doula website packages from FREE
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Some clients

Frequently asked questions

There is a lot to deal with when properly sorting out your website. We aim to make it as simple as possible

Ask a question
  • How does the refundable deposit work?

    If you decide you’re not happy at the ‘first draft’ stage you can request a refund and we’ll part company on good terms.

  • What if I’m not happy after that?

    Talk to us. We’ll do our best to fix things or come to an amicable agreement

  • How long is the contract?

    Once the site is launched the contract is a rolling 30 day contract, which you can cancel at any time

  • What happens if I cancel my subscription?

    You will have until the end of the current month to copy your content before the site goes offline. You can take your content (ie all the words) with you but you won’t be able to easily move the complete site due to licensing restrictions for stock photos and plugins.

  • Do you offer domain names?

    Yes, you can buy a domain name when you pay the balance of the setup fee. If you already have a domain name, you can transfer it to us or update the nameservers at your registrar.

  • I already have a site, can you just copy that?

    We can certainly use it as a starting point but we’ll probably start from scratch and aim to improve on what you had.

  • Can I edit the site myself

    Yes. You can edit text and images. We’ll provide all the info and support so you can do that easily. But we’re also available to add content for you within your monthly plan.

  • Can I design the site myself

    Not really. As said above you can edit text and images but beyond that your power to change the site is limited – we’re here to do that for you. If you want to use up your free time playing around with colours, fonts and layout, then maybe Wix or Squarespace is for you.