Simple websites for when you don't want to build your own.

It's hard enough running a meaningful business even without the struggle to get your website right. If your needs are simple, our hassle free process will have your site up and running in a few days.

A simple site, a simple process

In the age of the mobile internet and short attention spans your site needs to get to the point quickly. We'll make sure your site site does that and gets you to your goals quickly too.

We’ll guide you through our hassle-free discovery process, gather your content and have your site live in a few days.

Then we'll stick around to support you and help with SEO and digital marketing.

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Hosting, site care, ongoing support and more…

Hosting, email, security and all the ‘techy’ stuff is taken care of for your peace of mind.

We're with you for the long run

Nice things people have said about Very Simple Sites

"I got in touch with Chris when I was looking for someone to get my self-built website to run faster and better. He did that quickly and effectively, plus much more, greatly improving the look and functionality of the website. Now he keeps the site in good order for me and, any time I have a website issue or want to improve something, he is quickly able to offer a solution. He either deals with it promptly himself or explains to me clearly what I need to do. He does all this for a very fair price. In short, he has freed me of my website-maintenance anxiety and helped me to stop wasting my precious time on trying to solve technical issues myself. Just what I needed!"

Tiffany Bown

"I love the latest 're-do' of my website, it's modern, simple, fresh and still captures the essence of my business.  Spot on the first time around and it launched after just a few emails, only 3 days of short discussions and while I was on holiday; I'm amazed.  He makes the process so easy, especially for someone like me who doesn't have much free time to get involved in design and word layout. I know I can trust Chris and I do plan on using his web support services for many years to come."

Lynnea Shrieff