About Very Simple Sites

Simple digital transformations when you’re ready for a new website

If your existing online identity needs a refresh I’m here to transform it into something you’ll want to shout about and gets the results you need.

Simple means focussing only on the necessary; by asking “Why?” a lot we avoid pointless work.

“Chris built my website and he was brilliant. I’m so pleased with the finished site. He’s also very patient with my basic questions!”
Justine, doula

Simple is best

When you don’t want to build your own website (or you want help doing that) and can’t pay thousands up-front to a trendy, aloof agency, I’m here to unpick your ambitions and boost your business with a better website.

Simple means:

  • Focussing on the important – that’s you, your clients and your goals, not pointless eye candy and ego
  • A faster process so you get your new site quickly
  • Transparency – being honest about what we can and can’t do for you
  • Clarity – not bamboozling you with jargon
  • Better value & honest pricing – ensuring a good return on your investment
  • A more effective website – keeping web design simple and predictable has been scientifically proven to work well. Simple does NOT mean dull; there is beauty in simplicity
  • Simple is better for your users and it’s good for your search engine rankings
  • Pain-free decision making – clarity makes informed decisions easy.

Clarity in communication since 2010

I’m Chris McMahon & I set up Very Simple Sites in 2010 and have been building websites for small businesses and non-profits ever since.

As a former English teacher, simplicity & clarity in communication is at the core of what I do.

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