On DIY website building

photo of repairman carrying tools to illustrate the need to plan you r website properly

DIY is BIG! Whether it’s building your own website or getting stuck in around the home, people love doing stuff for themselves. And that’s great. A couple of years ago I installed my own kitchen and bathroom. And really, I’m no plumber. But the end result is not at all bad – even the pros … Read more

Free WordPress learning resources

business person learning wordpress for free

If you are a WordPress beginner getting to grips with adding and editing content or changing how your site looks, finding free help to actually get things done can be overwhelming. There is so much WordPress information out there it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. Here’s a brief guide to some good … Read more

Categories and Tags in WordPress

In my work on websites I see a lot of WordPress blogs with badly organised categories and tags. Wisely used categories help your readers easily find content and guide search engines so they rank you the way you want. So what are categories and tags in WordPress? A category is a broad grouping for your posts. Some … Read more

How to avoid website pain and discomfort by properly caring for your site

Woman frustrated by WordPress

You just can’t build a site and then leave it sitting there. You’ll be inviting problems from hackers, downtime due to broken plugins or lost enquiries from broken contact forms. Those problems can cost you big time. A hacked site could trash your reputation (maybe from ‘accidentally’ sharing viruses) and lost enquiries could cost you lucrative clients. It doesn’t stop … Read more

Why use WordPress for your website

WordPress is free, community-based, software for building websites. It is very widely used, currently powering about a quarter of all new websites. We use it on Very Simple Sites for your site. The biggest use of WordPress is by a company called Automattic who use it to run WordPress.com where you can set up a website in minutes – with … Read more