photo of repairman carrying tools to illustrate the need to plan you r website properly

On DIY website building

DIY is BIG! Whether it’s building your own website or getting stuck in around the home, people love doing stuff for themselves. And that’s great. A couple of years ago I installed my own kitchen and bathroom. And really, I’m no plumber. But the end result is not at all bad – even the pros …

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business person learning wordpress for free

Free WordPress learning resources

Since originally writing this article the WordPress editor has changed dramatically and now features the new block editor (aka Gutenberg). Fortunately all the resources below now include Gutenberg instruction in their offerings. You can read a good introduction to Gutenberg here. If you are a WordPress beginner getting to grips with adding and editing content …

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Woman frustrated by WordPress

How to avoid website pain and discomfort by properly caring for your site

You just can’t build a site and then leave it sitting there. You’ll be inviting problems from hackers, downtime due to broken plugins or lost enquiries from broken contact forms. Those problems can cost you big time. A hacked site could trash your reputation (maybe from ‘accidentally’ sharing viruses) and lost enquiries could cost you lucrative clients. It doesn’t stop …

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