How your website can get you quality leads and better clients

We’re going to look at a few ways you can improve your website and get the clients you really want contacting you.

The problem is you are just not getting the enquiries you need for your business to thrive. And what’s more, too many of those who do get in touch, just aren’t turning into the kind of clients you really want.

You could increase the chances of those good clients contacting you by changing some of the content on your site. You’ll become much more attractive and not just be another ‘also ran’, like most of your peers (as lovely as I am sure they are).

Those peers of yours never really get to grips with the quality of the content on their site because they think it’s just too hard, or they’re too busy, or they never really think about how it matters.

But you are different; you are serious about developing your business so you must get serious about your content. It does take a some work but, really, it’s not that difficult to look better than your competition.

After all, you don’t want just anyone getting in touch; narrow down the field to those who are really interested in what you’re offering and pick off the best clients for yourself.

Some ideas

  1. Know who your ideal client is and target all your content at that wonderful person
  2. Look like the expert. Make sure you are demonstrating your expertise and knowledge of your field with clear, useful and interesting content. Make yourself look so good, people will assume that you’re booked solid (whether that’s true or not – make it look that way!)
  3. Make sure you have answered their likely questions. Maybe include a FAQ page. So long as you are emailing answers to those questions more than once, you’re wasting an opportunity to save time by including the answer on your site.
  4. Have a more ‘exclusive’ contact page. With all that expert content and a FAQ page, when they want to get in touch, they’ll be a hot lead. They’ll be truly interested in booking you and they won’t mind filling out a few more fields about their needs. A hot lead will leave their phone number so you can call them back.

That’s just a few ideas for starters. For more join the Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter